How does Click-to-Conversion work?

The Click-to-Conversion feature reports on your email recipient as they click from a link in your email to a web page with the appropriate tag. VerticalResponse tracks the visit to the tagged page as a Conversion in reporting for the sent email. To set this up, follow these steps.
  •  Login to your VerticalResponse account
  •  Go to Account | Analytics Settings | Click-to-Conversion
  •  Enable either Click-to-Conversion or Click-to-Conversion + ROI Calculator
  •  Select Language and Currency (If the ROI Calculator option is selected)
  •  Add the resulting code snippet to the appropriate page(s) on your website

Once you're done, send your VR email as normal. When the recipient clicks a link in the email, a tracking cookie will be set on their computer. If the recipient navigates to a page(s) where you've added the Click-to-Conversion tag, the Conversions statistic for the email campaign will increment by one. You will find this data in reporting for sent email campaigns in a new column called Conversion.
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