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VerticalResponse now has a home page to display an overview of stats for your account. You'll be able to view Charts and Tables that show your account history. This includes Sent Messages by Type, Total Emails Sent, Contact Segmentation, Draft Emails, Sent Emails and Contact Lists.






Sent Messages by Type:

This chart will display all the messages that have been sent within the last year and are segmented by message type. The data includes Emails, Subject A/B, Email Automations, and Social Posts. Any messages that have been deleted will not display in this chart.



Total Emails Sent: 

This chart will display your total emails sent within the last year and are segmented by months sent. The chart will not include the current month of data, for example: If it is June 2023, the chart will display data for June 2022 through May 2023. This chart will not include any drafts or deleted emails. 



Contact Segmentation:

This chart will display data about your Contacts. You can see the total amount of Contacts that you have in your account against the Mailable Contacts and Unconfirmed Contacts. This data can help you manage your Contacts. 






Sent Emails:

This table will display the five most recent sent emails for your account, as well as the percentage stats for those emails. You can also view the full reporting for each email. 



Draft Emails: 

This table will display the five most recent drafts that you have created for your account so you can have quick access to remain editing. You can also quickly start a new draft email from this section.



Email Lists: 

This table will display your All Contacts list and four custom lists that you have created. You can view the details of these lists or choose to create a new one.


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