Common SpamAssassin errors and how to correct them

SpamAssassin is an anti-spam tool which helps filter out unwanted messages. We screen each outgoing email message and score it based on its spam characteristics. By default, messages with a score of 5 or higher are considered spam. 
If you score 5 or higher, here is a list of the most frequent reasons why and some suggestions to correct your email campaign.

1. No valid text
Problem: The text in the body of your email is not valid. You likely left default template text in the body of your email.
Solution: Replace the text with your own content.

2. Images with text
Problem: An image in your email contains a lot of text. Email clients cannot read text in images and can systematically block the email as spam.
Solution: Delete the image from your email and replace with text in the body of your email message

3. Bad ratio of text to images
Problem: Your email message has many images and little to no text. A good ratio is 2/3 text and 1/3 images.
Solution: Remove some images and add more text to the body of your email message.

4. Subject line is in all caps
Problem: Your subject line is all uppercase. This creates a false sense of urgency and is common with fraudulent emails.
Solution: Avoid using all caps in your subject line.
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