Why is my Facebook unlinked?

For your security, your Facebook account permissions expire every 60 days. Simply click on unlink and then relink to reset that permission, and you'll be ready to go!

If you notice that your Facebook account is no longer linked, it may also be due to the fact that your Facebook permissions have changed. In this case what you'll want to do is re-link the account. To do that, go to Account > Social Sharing, and click on the link that says "Link your account with Facebook". Make sure you are currently logged out of any Facebook account before attempting this, otherwise the Facebook account will get linked without granting permission. Facebook will ask you if it's okay for VerticalResponse to make posts on your behalf - agree and continue. Once all of the permissions have been allowed, your Facebook account (along with any associated pages) will be properly linked!

For more about the Social Sharing options, visit: http://help.verticalresponse.com/how-to/email/social_sharing/

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