How does Clipper work?

Clipper is a handy bookmarklet tool that allows you to post web links directly to your social media pages while surfing the web. Easily clip content and share with your followers from one location!

To use Clipper, follow these steps:

1) Add Clipper to your bookmarks bar by dragging the link.
      - Go to your VerticalResponse Social page
      - Look for Clipper in the right sidebar, and drag the link to the bookmarks tool bar for your web browser

2) Use Clipper to add relevant, engaging content from across the web.
      - While accessing a page that you want to share with your subscribers, click the "Clip It" bookmark
      - On the window that appears, you can choose to create a post and share immediately, or store the link for later use

3) (Optional) If you've stored the link, you can access it at any time from your VR Social page.
      - Simply create a single post, or create a campaign. After you've set up your time and destinations, choose link from the post type, and then choose My Own Link
      - You will be able to see which links you have saved from Clipper, as well as links you have already published.
      - Select the Clipper link you wish to use, and add comments if you wish.
      - If you are creating a campaign, add your other posts, and then click "Post."

That's it! You'll get the same reporting data you would with any other Social post, including likes, retweets, and comments.
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