Surveys are a great way to engage and gain insight into your customers.  The Surveys tool will allow you to create a custom survey for you to send out to your customers. To get started: 

1. Login to your VerticalResponse account.
2. Select the Surveys tab.
3. Click New Survey.
4. Give your survey a name. This is for your eyes only. Customers will not see this name.


5. After you name your survey, click Next.  You will then be brought to the Editor. This is where you will build your survey.
6. Choose what type of question you would like to add to your survey. You can choose between multiple choice, dropdown        menus, comment fields, star ratings and more.


7. Hover over the type of question you want and select Click to Insert
8. Then, just  write in your question.


9. You’ll also have the choice to either make the answers required, add an “other” option, randomize or  skip logic.   

Required- This feature means that a customer must answer the question before they can proceed to the next question
Add “Other”- This feature will add an “other” option to your survey. This allows users to type in a different answer.

10. To use the skip and randomize features, you must be on a paid plan. If you would like to upgrade to a paid plan,  just click                the feature.  A popup will appear asking you to upgrade.  

Randomize- The randomize feature will ensure your customers are not just choosing the first answer because it’s first. It will reduce bias and create a more statistically valid survey.

Skip Logic- Creates a custom path for each customer. This allows the survey to skip to different questions depending on how customers answer different questions.   For example, if one of your questions asks them how satisfied they are with your service, you may want to ask a different follow up question to those who were satisfied versus unsatisfied with your services.

11. Once you have your question created,  click Save.


12. You can choose whether you want to have your questions all on one page or separate pages. To create additional pages, click the dropdown menu on the top and select Add new page. If you are on a paid plan, then you can ask an unlimited number of questions.


13. Once you have your questions all ready, you’ll be able to customize the color of the survey, font, button color and more.  To             do this go to the Design Setting tab, and choose which part of your survey you want to change.


14.Once you have added all of your questions and chosen a design, you can click Publish.
15. This will bring you to the success page which provides your survey URL.

16. You can then create an email campaign and insert this URL to send it out to your customers, or link to it from your                            Facebook page or website.
17. To access the survey results, just click on the survey name from the main page of Surveys.   Reports include the number               and percentage of respondents for each answer and any written content that respondents have provided.

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