How do I create a coupon?

To create a Coupon, go to the Social tab, and click on Coupons.

1.  Configure the coupon:  In this step, you include all of the relevant info you want your users to see including title, details, fine print, how to redeem, about the business, a coupon image, and the coupon code itself.  Some of these fields are optional, some are required (the form will show you).

2.  Publish the coupon:  Select how you want users to view your coupon, whether as a Facebook Page tab or a standalone landing (web) page.  You'll also be able to add a Like or Follow "gate," which will prompt users to Like your Facebook page or Follow your Twitter account before they get the coupon code. You can make this gate required, or provide viewers an exit to get to your coupon without liking your page. You'll also be able to add a banner to the top of your coupon page to give a more customized look.

3. (Optional) The optional third step is to create a social campaign around your coupon.  The VR Social campaign creator will allow you to create one or more posts that can publish out to any Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account you've connect with VR Social.
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