Social Media Post Reporting

For more insight into how your followers are interacting with your social posts, check out the reports. Every time you share a social post, we'll give you stats and feedback about how your followers interacted with it.

To view your social post statistics, head to the Messages page and select View Report.

You will be redirected to the Social Post Analytics page. At the top right corner, you have the option to view your social post.

The social analytics report contains the following information:
  • Social Engagement: Total number of followers for all social accounts you posted to as well as which social accounts you posted to and how many followers each has.
  • Interactions: The total interactions your post had per social platform as well as a break-down of the interactions. For example, you can see the number of people who liked your post, shared it, wrote a comment, or retweeted it, or clicked a URL. If you shared multiple links in a single post, use the dropdown to see how many times each link was clicked.


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