Why did my email go to spam?

Spam filters are constantly changing to adapt to new methods that spammers use to send emails; what lands in the inbox today could be filtered into spam tomorrow. There are a lot of things they're looking for that could cause your email to be flagged as spam, but there are a few tips to help your emails make it to the inbox.

  • Keep your email content current and interesting
  • Use opted-in mailing lists and ask your recipients to add your sending address to their Safe Sender List. Every email program has a safe sender list - this is essentially a list of email addresses and/or domains that are always allowed to send emails to that person. If your sending email address is in this list, your recipient should see your emails in their inbox.

Another alternative, though more advanced, would be to have the recipient's IT admin whitelist our address ranges so that all messages are accepted as "good" on their server. Below is our whitelisting information for reference:  

VerticalResponse Domains:
From Domains - vrmailer1.com; vrmailer3.com

VerticalResponse IP ranges:

To see some more tips on how to avoid the spam filter and improve your delivery rates, check out our help article Design Your Email for Delivery & Response, or our guide Email Delivery, VerticalResponse, and You

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