Can I resend a Survey invitation?

You can resend a Survey invitation by either creating a new invitation for your existing Survey or by creating and sending a copy of a past invitation.
  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Surveys | Live Surveys
  3. Select the survey you would like to resend and in the Invitations tab you will find the option to create a New Invitation Email in the upper right corner
Alternatively under this same tab you can copy a previously sent email invitation by doing the following.
  1. Click on a previously Sent Email Invitation
  2. Click the Make a Copy link from the Email Actions menu on the left

When you launch an email invitation you will have an option on the launch page to mail everyone or to exclude those who have completed the survey previously. Note: After clicking this checkbox you must click on the Recalculate Audience link below the checkbox for the filter to take effect.
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