Survey Response Options

When setting up the survey you will see the following options:
Blindfold sets up the survey to be completely anonymous and will not gather information for the responders. When you choose 'Traditional' this sets up a question that can be customized to request information about the person answering the survey. The second part of this is the option to choose 'Both Invited & anonymous' or 'Only Invited'. This is where it will determine whether you will get all the information for the customer responding or not. 
If you choose 'Both invited & anonymous' it will let you do 2 things.  Either email out the survey link to customers, which will automatically fill in the contact data for the email recipient, and you will be able to see they took the survey. Or, you can take the web link for the survey and put it anywhere you want people to be able to click to take the survey. The caveat with this is, the survey will ask the people to fill out the contact information, but it will not be required, so people can answer the survey and not put in their information and you will have anonymous responders.
If you choose 'Only Invited' this is the only 100% way to make sure that all the people who answer the survey's information is recorded. However, with this option only people who are emailed the survey link through VR can answer the survey. 

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