How do I sign up for a survey subscription?

To access the Survey feature, click Surveys on the navigation bar within your account, if new to Surveys you will see the option to start a survey test drive or to sign up for a survey subscription. All customers start with 25 free responses to try out the survey tool. Once 25 responses have been collected, you would need to purchase a subscription to view additional responses. To purchase a Survey subscription, please follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Account | Subscriptions | New Survey Subscription
  3. Consider how many responses you anticipate receiving for your surveys in a given month and select the appropriate pricing tier (note that you can always upgrade a Survey subscription if you receive more responses than anticipated and discounts are available if you purchase a six month or annual subscription)
  4. Click next and enter your credit card information

Survey subscriptions will renew automatically each month (or every six months or year if a multi month plan was selected). You can also information on Survey pricing on our website -

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