My email was halted for "Invalid Merge Fields." What does that mean? Printable View « Go Back

Your email was halted for personalized merge fields that don't have a corresponding list field. This could cause some of your recipients to see a blank space instead of the information you're trying to merge into your email. All of our merge fields are set up in curly brackets: { } which are created in order to put custom information in (First Name, Last Name, etc.)

There are a few ways you can fix this:
- Remove the personalized merge fields from your email
- Don't send to the lists that do not include these fields in favor of lists that do
- Add these fields to all your lists
- Don't use curly brackets as a decorative element
- Do not paste content directly from Word or a website (this can cause some of the formatting to get transferred over and add foreign code to your email)

Once fixed you can re-send your email.
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