Why don't I see the Social Sharing icons when I’m creating my email?

The Social Sharing icons aren’t visible in the email creation window if you are using the Insert menu merge field. If enabled, you will see the Social Sharing bar during the email Preview. First, be certain that you have either the Social Sharing option enabled in the Email Options OR that you have the Social Sharing merge field {VR_SOCIAL_SHARING} within the body of your email.

Select the Social Sharing check box from Email Options to place the Social Sharing bar at the top of your email. You can disable this and place the Social Sharing bar wherever you wish by using a merge field.

Use the Social Sharing link from the Insert menu to insert {VR_SOCIAL_SHARING} where you've placed your cursor. This is a merge field that will be replaced by the standard Social Sharing icons when you launch your email. When you Preview your email you will see the icons as they will appear to your recipients in the launched email.
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