What happens when my email recipient clicks one of the Social Sharing icons?


The Social Sharing bar includes icons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By clicking one of these icons an email recipient can easily share your email campaign within their social network.

When an icon is clicked a new web page opens for the appropriate network (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) with a link to the hosted version of your email, the email subject line, and room for a comment. With the click of a button the recipient can post your email to their Facebook wall, Twitter stream or LinkedIn updates.

If the email recipient isn’t signed into their social networking account they will first be prompted to log in. The link to the hosted version of the email is optimized for social sharing and included in the comment box for the email recipient automatically. VerticalResponse provides reporting not only on the number of clicks each Social Media icon receives but also on the Like, Repost, or Comment activity your email receives on social networks.

Please note, however, that this function is not active for test emails. 


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