It's my first time using VerticalResponse. How do I get started?

Welcome to VerticalResponse!

Thanks for signing up. At VerticalResponse we are committed to making email marketing quick and easy! Check out these great resources to help you get started. If you're a visual learner, check out our Getting Started demo which will walk you through the workflow of creating a list, building your email, and tracking your statistics. You can check out the video here:

Step 1
Create a mailing list to send your email campaigns to:

Please ensure that your list is in the proper format.
-Your list must be in either a .csv (comma delimited) or .txt (tab delimited) format to import into your VerticalResponse account.
-We recommend eliminating any unnecessary data columns from your file.
-For a mailing list your file must contain email addresses but others fields are optional and only need if you plan to personalize your email or segment your list using the data.
-You may want to review your list and remove any extraneous characters that may interfere with the import process.
-You can try using a find and replace function in Excel (or similar application) to eliminate any extra spaces, quotes, tabs, or commas.
-Be careful to work with a copy of your file so as not to accidentally delete valid data from your list.

Step by Step Instructions:

-Log in to your account Go to Lists > New. Review the Terms of Service, click the statements you agree with and click Continue
-Type in the name of your list In the Add List Members section select "Create a new mailing list from an external file"
-Click Browse, locate the .csv or .txt file to import and click Next On the Add Members page
match the samples data from your file to the fields on the new list
(the email addresses must import to our standard Email Address field)
-Select your preferred Import Rules section and click Next On the Results page review the number of records added, updated, and rejected.
-If necessary, click the Download CSV link to download and review any addresses that were rejected.

Check out the create a mailing list video:

Great Job! You have now successfully created a VerticalResponse mailing list!

Step 2
Create your email using the creation tool that best fits your experience level.
For email marketing newbies please start with the the Wizard tool!

User Guide - Wizard

User Guide - Canvas

Adding content to the wizard emails:

Adding Images to the wizard emails:

Check out the Wizard how to videos!
Adding links:
Adding content:

Recorded Webinar

Step 3
Send your email and see the results in real-time!

-Send Your Email - No matter which email editor you use, the process for sending your email out is the same: you test your message, select your lists, schedule your launch time and then launch the email out.

-Track opens,click Bounces & unsubscribes -

-Send your email and examine reports-

Register for our free, live demo - Getting Started with VerticalResponse offered every Wednesday at 10 am, Pacific.

Learn How To Do Everything on our help site, which includes step-by-step video and text tutorials that will guide you through each step of creating and sending an email.

More Marketing Guides...

If you have questions about using the different features in your account, just contact us – we are here to help!

Happy Mailing!
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