Why did my test email go to Spam?

Test messages have a higher chance of going to bulk folder because we send two identical emails with the same subject from the same server. So one or both emails may be filtered depending on how frequently you send the tests and your firewall/bulk filter settings.

To help prevent test messages from going into the bulk folder
  • Add the incoming email address from the test email to your address book or contact list.
  • You may also consider adding the address to the safe sender list in your Email Client to ensure all future delivery. Note: that actual launches are not affected in the same way as only one message is sent to each recipient.
You can also try:
  • Sending the test to an alternate email. Sending tests to a variety of domains (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, etc) to review your content is a good practice.
  • Launch an actual email to just yourself to help with your testing. It's easy to copy a sent email, associate it with the actual list and then schedule your true launch.
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