Why do my social sharing click numbers seem off or inaccurate?

Do your social sharing numbers seem a little high? Recently, we've noticed a new issue where a recipient looks like they clicked on a social sharing link several or even hundreds of times within a few seconds.

We asked our engineers to take a look into what could be happening, and they found that all of these multi clickers were using an older version of Internet Explorer with Windows 7. It seems that there's an issue with older unsupported versions that automatically click on the links over and over again.

This isn't what it's supposed to do, but unfortunately there's not much we can do about it from our side. Keep in mind, the newest Windows products come with IE 10 now and we can't force people to update. They may be using the older Internet Explorer version for a specific reason.

If you're comfortable with it, you can recommend that your customers should update their browsers to get the most out of your email, or you can download the CSV report for your email to get a more accurate picture of who shared your email over their social media networks.
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