Is there a way to change the language of the merge field text?

VerticalResponse allows you to create merge fields that allow you to customize your email with information from your list, like first and last names, address, etc. Generally, the merge field will look like this: {FIRST_NAME|Customer} . While the default text (the text after the vertical pipe) will always be customizable to any text and language, the merge text is tied to our standard fields and cannot be changed. However, you can create a custom field in your list with the same data and any field name, which controls the merge text. For example, let's say you created a custom field in your list that you called "Apellido". Once you upload a contact list and assign last names to that field (on the map fields page), you can choose the Apellido merge field from the drop down menu, and the merge field will look like this: {APPELIDO}.
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