Setting an Outer Border in a table

Adding an Outside Border

Tables can also be used to add an outside border to your email. Adding a border to a table that has multiple rows and columns will insert a border around each cell in your table creating a grid like appearance. If you only want to add a border to the perimeter of your email body you can add a new table that will serve strictly as a border and nest the original table inside your border.

1. In your existing template, you will be able to accomplish this by inserting a new table. You can do this by placing your cursor outside of the original table and clicking the New table icon.
2. For the Table Properties you will want to select only one row and one column and add a pixel width and border color.

4. Once this border has been added, it will appear beneath your original table.

4. After the border table has been added, you will need to select the content from the original table. In order to do this, you can use the elements in the bottom left corner of the Graphical Editor to select individual elements inside your email.

5. By clicking the first Table element that is listed, you will select all of the content for your original table. To insert this into the border you have created, you can simply drag and drop the selected content.

Alternately, if you are comfortable with HTML code, you can add an inline style tag to create a border for your table. In the <table> tag, add  style="border:1px solid black;" before the closing >. This will create a simple, thin black border for your table. You can change the width, color, and style of this border by editing the sample text.

For example, this table's table tag looks like this: <table style="border:5px dotted red;">

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