How does the ROI Calculator work?

First enable the Click-To-Conversion + ROI Calculator setting for your account and then add the necessary code snippet to your website.

Important: Although you are enabling both Click-To-Conversion and the ROI Calculator features, you should only add the ROI Calculator code snippet to your site. Adding both code snippets will result in double counting of sale information.

Next, simply create your email campaign and when you launch, all the links within your message will be tagged in a special manner to provide reporting for the ROI Calculator. When the recipients receive your email and click on a link within the message, a special tracking cookie will be set on their computer.

Should the recipient navigate to the page(s) where you've added the ROI Calculator code snippet, our system is notified and increments your "Conversion" statistic by one. In addition, the purchase amount for the sale will also be sent back so we can use this information to calculate the overall ROI for your email campaign. After the sale information is registered, our system will erase the cookie to avoid double counting errors.
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