Where do I find reporting on my email in Google Analytics?

Email links tracked with Google Analytics are marked with a Google icon in your email reporting. If this marker isn't present then your link was not tracked. This icon may be missing for one of two reasons, the Google tracking option was not selected when launching your email, or the specific domain has not been added under your VR Google Analytics settings.
  1. On the reporting page for your sent email, click the G next to your link in top performing links. This will bring you to the Google Analytics home page
  2. Log into your Google Analytics account
  3. Go to Traffic Sources | Sources | Campaigns and set a date range in the upper right corner
  4. Click Site Usage and select one of the following options for Primary Dimension links, located below the usage graph.
    1. Campaign: data is display for email campaign identified by the email subject line
    2. Keyword (under other): data is displayed for each link tracked within your email campaign
    3. Ad Content (under other): data is displayed based on the optional Merge Field you may have selected when launching your email
  5. Once the corresponding list is displayed, click the corresponding name or term to see the numbers on how your email drove traffic to your site.
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