What stats are available from the Campaign Summary Report?

When launching any campaign through VerticalResponse you will automatically have access to the following data:

  • Total Messages sent
  • Number of opens, open percentage and who opened
  • Number of clicks, click percentage, and who clicked
  • Number of bounces, bounce percentage and who bounced
  • Number of unsubscribes, unsubscribe percentage and who unsubscribed


Once the campaign has launched, all of this information is located in the "Reporting" Section of your account. You can click on the campaign name to get to the Dashboard as well as the other reporting features that are available.

In order to view who clicked, opened, bounced, or unsubscribed, click on the Download Links link in the actions menu, or with the tabs along the top of the reports. On the following page, you can choose what actions you want reporting on and the data you want to export.

The clicks showing in the web-based reporting are unique clicks. So, if someone opened your email and clicked three links, or clicked the same link three times, those would register as three separate clicks. This can lead to some confusion if you have 200 reported clicks, but only get 150 contacts in the downloaded list. If you want to see who clicked more than once, just uncheck the box for "Return One Response Type per Recipient" when downloading your report. In the report you can also see who clicked what link how many times.

VerticalResponse can only track the open rate for HTML emails. Our tracking system works on a 1x1 px image that reports back to our system when images are loaded in your email. We are not able to capture who opened the text version or text only emails, since text emails do not support images of any kind. The number of opens reported are unique opens, meaning we won't report two opens for the same person. We can only track the initial open for this sames reason. This would also mean that if someone previews the campaign in a "preview window" - that it would be reported as an open because the pixel is loaded.

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