How To Save and Reuse Salesforce Queries

During the list creation process you'll be given the option to save your query for later use (and to provide a description so you remember what kind of query it is). You can save any of your searches to use again and again.

  1. Once a query is saved, it's made available through the View Saved Queries link found under the VR Email tab.
  2. When you run a saved query the search is done from scratch - so any new records added to your database since you last ran the query will be pulled over without issue.
  3. Saved queries can be edited to alter the search parameters by using the edit link found to the right of each query within the View Saved Queries section.

Saving your most used queries can be a great way to save a little time when building your lists, as it eliminates the need for you to rack your brain trying to remember the search parameters you used in the past.


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