How do I find out who clicked, bounced, opened or unsubscribed from my emails?

In order to see who has opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed, you can download the report of your sent email. Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Emails | Sent Emails and click on the name of your sent email
  3. From the Dashboard, click Download Lists (in the Email Actions section on the left)
  4. Specify what information you want to download, including the file format (.csv or .txt) and desired list fields
The options you have to select from:
  • Recipients who clicked - those who have clicked a link in your email message
  • Recipients who opened - those who have opened the message, opens are recorded for the HTML version only
  • Recipients who converted – those who have clicked through and made a purchase on your website (only relevant if you're using our Click to Conversion scripts on your site)
  • Recipients who unsubscribed - those who have clicked the unsubscribe link in your mail message
  • Bounced email addresses - emails that were rejected by the receiving email server
  • All non-responders - those who have taken none of the actions described above (neither clicked, opened or unsubscribed)

You can also download a list by clicking on Actions link to the right of any Sent Email and choosing Download Lists.
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