How do I create a list of contacts who have never responded to my campaigns?


  1. Go to Lists | Segments
  2. Click the "New Segment" button
  3. Name your list, and click "Choose Segment Type"
  4. Choose Advanced Segment: "Segment List Members & Campaign Recipients” then click "Save and Build Segment"
  5. Click "Add List Rule" and select your Master List. Click "Done"
  6. Click "Add Campaign Rule", then click to select every campaign you have sent. Click "Done"
  7. Set the dropdown boxes to say: "(Opened) within no set date range (or) (clickedany link within no set date range." (You'll just have to select Opened, Or, and Clicked)


8. Click on the box connecting the two rules to change it from "OR" to "EXCLUDE".

9. Click Save & Get Results

10. Take a look at the list -- this should be everyone who has never opened or clicked an email you sent. Click "Save Results."

11. Now click "Create Lists" leaving the presets at "All Results" and "A Single List". This is your list of Non-responders.

If you'd like to create a list just of responders, you can use the list you just created to exclude from your master list in another segment.

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