How do I get started with Insta-Email?

Once you navigate to the Insta-Email page, follow these steps:

  1. Type or paste the URL you want to use into the text box and click the Start button
  2. On the following screen, choose the layout format from the selections available
  3. Choose your background color
  4. Choose a logo image for your email (This doesn't have to be your company logo, but an image you want to use in the logo image spot.) Use the sliders to scroll between available images.
  5. Choose a header image. Use the sliders to scroll between available images.
  6. Check the preview on the right, and if it's looking good, click Use this.
  7. On the following page you have three options: Push to VR, Download Zip file, and Copy HTML
    • To Download Zip: Click the Download button, and choose Save when the download window pops up. Use this file later to upload or reuse your content.
    • To Copy HTML: Click the copy button, and on the following page, highlight and copy your html code. 
    • For Push to VR:
      1. Click the button to push to VR.
      2. On the following screen, type your from label, your reply-to email address, and subject line. Click Push it!
      3. If you're not logged in already, you'll be prompted to log in. 
      4. Authorize Insta-Email to push to your account. Check the box and click allow.
      5. You'll get a brand new canvas email.
      6. Check the box for "Generate Text Version automatically"
      7. From here on out, create, edit, and launch your email as you would any canvas email.
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