How does Google Analytics work with VerticalResponse?

You can use Google Analytics to track website traffic generated from the VerticalResponse email campaigns you send. You must first have a Google Analytics account with web pages tagged to work with Google Analytics, visit for more information on how to set up your free account.

  1. Log in to your VerticalResponse account
  2. Go to Account | Analytics Settings | Google Analytics
  3. Add the Domain(s) you would like to track and click Save Domains
  4. When you launch VerticalResponse email campaigns check the following box "Yes, I want to track this email with Google Analytics." Choose what list field you want to track as a variable.
  5. Upon launch, links in your email will be tagged with variables to report on visitors clicking through to tracked domains

VerticalResponse will add the following variables:

Source (utm_source) – Where did they come from? (VerticalResponse)
Medium (utm_medium) – What is it? Email
Term (utm_term) – Link Text or Image name
Content (utm_content) – Merge Field. This is the field you choose on Step 5.
Name (utm_campaign) – Email Subject Line

Once you launch you campaign and start generating traffic to your site, you'll be able to see who came to your business through your VerticalResponse email. Reporting data will appear in your Google Analytics dashboard.

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