Why didn't I receive a copy of my launched email?

We do not by default include the account holders email address on sent email campaigns. If you wish to receive a copy of a sent email you must include your email address on one of the mailing lists. Additionally, as with any other email address, our system will not send mail to any address marked as bounced or unsubscribed. If your email address is on the list and mailable please check the following.
  1. Check to see if it went to a junk or spam folder.
  2. Download the list of opens, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and non responders for the sent email. If the email address shows up as a non responder the message was mailed to but likely encountered an issue with the receiving server.
We are whitelisted with the major ISPs and VerticalResponse emails land in the inbox the vast majority of the time. If the receiving email address has a corporate or personal domain (e.g. mycompany.org or mywebsite.com) it's possible that receiving firewalls or spam filters blocked the email. Since VerticalResponse is a bulk mail service (as opposed to an individual mailer) some stringent domains may more aggressively filter email sent from our servers.

To help with possible filtering you can add mail.vresp.com to the safe sender list or address book for your email client. If still having trouble receiving email from VerticalResponse we can provide you with our sending IP ranges, your system administrator can then add these to your whitelist allowing VerticalResponse email to bypass most filters at your domain.
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