What can I do during my Free Trial?

During your 60 day free trial of VerticalResponse, you’ll be able to send up to 4,000 emails to up to 300 contacts during that time period.

Everyone starts out in a free trial, we've created this FAQ to help you understand what’s available to you during the free trial period:

What features are included in the free trial?
How many emails can I send during my free trial?
Why am I prompted to upgrade?
Why are my records on hold?
How do I get my records off of hold?

What features are included in the free trial?

During the 60 day free trial period, you'll have access all of VerticalResponse's core features, including: 

  • Easy-to-use email editor
  • Contact list management
  • Basic reports & analytics
  • Send automated emails to new contacts
  • HTML editor
  • Customizable, mobile responsive templates
  • Email customer support
  • Facebook & Twitter sharing
  • Access to image library
  • Online forms to grow your email list 
  • Customizable pop-up forms
  • Create and publish a stand-alone Landing Page
  • Access to purchase Test Kit credits to preview emails on 50+ platforms
During your free trial, you can upload up to 300 email addresses in your account. That can be across as many lists as you like, or just one list of 300, but once your All Contacts list size goes over 300 you’ll have some email addresses on hold.

You can  also connect one Facebook account and one Twitter account.  You may post as many times as you like and you can have as many followers as you want, without any fees.

You will NOT have access to any of the 

How many emails can I send during my free trial?

You can send up to 4,000 emails per month. Once you hit 4,000 sends in one month you won’t be able to send more emails until either you upgrade your account or wait until the second month of your 60 day free trial. You’ll see a message in the app letting you know that you’ve reached your limit and when you can send again. 

Why am I prompted to upgrade?

You can enjoy the free trial for 60 days only. If your list is over 300 subscribers, or if you need additional features, you'll want to upgrade to a paid package. If you see the upgrade prompt, it's because your list has gone over the limit or you have a limited number of days left in the free trial.  In order to email to all the addresses on your lists you'll need to upgrade to a paid package that includes the list size you have.  For more help on upgrading, click here.

Why are my records on hold?

If you're checking out list members you may notice some are marked On Hold. Or you'll also see a message at the top of the page letting you know about your list members.


On Hold are addresses that have been uploaded to your account but can't be mailed to because they exceed the number allowed.  During your free trial. your account is limited to 300 email addresses. To make these addresses mailable you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.  You can upgrade by clicking the Upgrade button in the top right corner of your account. For more help with this, check out this page.

How do I get my records off of hold?

The records are on hold because you've reached the limit for the allowable contacts during the free trial, which is 300. To get your addresses off hold you'll need to upgrade to a paid account.  Our pricing is based on the number of email contacts in your account and the package level of either Basic, Pro or Pro+.  

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