What can I do with the VerticalResponse REST API?

With VerticalResponse's REST-based API, you can integrate all of our email marketing services into your workflow. Our REST API's functionality includes the essentials for creating, managing, and optimizing your email campaigns, contacts and lists.

Any email campaign starts with your contacts. Through the VR REST API you can create, update, delete, view, or find a contact. You can also view any lists or messages containing a contact. Need to create or remove contacts in batch? You can do this too.

Most of your campaigns will be sent to particular lists. You can create, update, delete, or view a list. You can also add or remove a contact from a list, or view messages sent to a specific list.

Custom Fields: 
Custom fields allow you to personalize an email using data from your mailing lists. You'll have access to create, update, or delete custom fields as well as view all the custom fields in your account. 

When you're ready to launch your email, you can do it through the API! Create, delete, update, or read the status or summary stats from your sent email. Launch or schedule your email when it's ready, or unschedule one set for a future date. You can even send a test email through the API, and view lists to which an email has been sent.

Using Social for your marketing? Through the API you can view details on a social post as well as summary stats to see how your social marketing is performing.

For more technical information and in-depth documentation on the VerticalResponse REST API, please visit our Developer Portal at developer.verticalresponse.com

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