Upgrade Your Account

The big Upgrade button in the top right corner of the account allows you to make changes to your subscription on the fly.  Pricing is based on email contacts and plan level- find where your list size falls along the top to find the price.

If you choose a size over 300, you'll see that the Free option is not available- instead you can select either Basic or Pro. Once you have selected the right number of email contacts and package level, click the green button, and check out.


If you're using the Free plan and need to send a few more emails, we also offer Pay as you GoPay as you go email credits enable you to purchase just the number of email credits you need. If you're an infrequent sender, or just want the flexibility to buy what you want without a subscription, this plan is for you. To get started click the green button in your account then go to Pay as You Go at the bottom of the page. Enter the amount of emails you want to send for the next three months and we’ll give you price options.

If your organization is a 501(c)(3), then you’re eligible for our Non-Profit program. Simply fill out the application form, we’ll double check your 501(c)(3) status, and then flip the switch. You’re ready to start sending professional looking emails, for free.
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