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Create a landing page for your email campaigns. The Landing Page app is designed for you to quickly design and build landing pages to engage an audience, generate leads and increase sales. 
To create a landing page:
1. Under Contacts click Create Landing Page


2. Next choose a landing page template from our gallery.


3. Once you have chosen a template you will be brought to the Editor. This is the same Editor that you use to create your email campaigns.
4. Templates are pre populated with images that relate to your business. You can easily make changes to the template by adding or deleting content blocks.


On the left hand side you will see all the content blocks we offer with different layouts. Browse these content blocks and choose which ones you would like to include in your landing page.
To add a content block:

1. Hover over the block you want to add
2. Select the Click to Edit button. This content block will now be added to the bottom of your page.
3. To get details on how to change the image, or row color please view our Editor article. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Editing a content block – To add a content block, use the Click to Edit button on the content you want to edit. Once clicked you’ll be able to edit the text, font, border color, row color and more.
Editing an image block – To add an image block select the Click to Edit button on the image. Once clicked you’ll be able to replace, edit, link to the image and more from the panel on the left.
Social Share – Add social sharing icons to your email to enable readers to share your landing page on their social accounts, bringing you a bigger audience.
Follow Us – Select the social block to insert the follow icons into your landing page. Once the block has been inserted, select Click to Edit. Now in the left hand panel you’ll be able to select which social accounts you would like to display, as well as choose the style, size and spacing of the buttons.
Button Builder – To add a call-to-action button to your landing page, from the left hand panel select the button content block. Once selected you’ll be able to edit aspects such as the label, URL color, size and more.
Image group – Add two images side-by-side to showcase products or services.
Divider – Add a line between Content Blocks by selecting the divider option from the content block panel. Select color and thickness of the line and add space above or below it by hovering over the line and selecting Click to Edit.
Columns – To modify the layout of a Content Block that contains two or more columns you can use the swap feature. Simply click Swap and then select Move it here. You can do this to make the image go on the left and text on the right or vice versa.
Row Color – Change the color of the rows of your email easily by selecting the row and then select Color to the right of the row.  Or optionally, select Page Style and select your color preference under Theme Row Color.   You can even edit the thickness, border radius, shadow width and more.
Background – Change the background of your landing page to a certain color or theme. Visit the Page Style tab and then Background. Here you will see the different options for backgrounds.
Delete – At any time you can delete any content blocks you add easily by hovering over the row and selecting Delete.
Preview – You’ll be able to view your landing page in desktop, mobile and tablet form.
Add a form
Landing pages are often used to collect data from customers. You have the ability to add a form to your landing page.


To add a form field:

1. Choose the form content block from the panel on the left
2. Once you have added the form to your landing page, select the Edit Content tab
3. Next choose the list you want these email addresses to be added to.
4. You’ll also be able to adjust the form fields. You can choose whether you want their first name, last name, address, email and more.


5. Once you click add field your web form will be ready to go.  

Publish Your Landing Page
Once you are done customizing your landing page, you will want to publish it so customers can visit. To publish your landing page:

1. Click Next in the editor.
2. Give your landing page a name. 
3. You also have the ability to change the URL provided to you.  To get a custom URL you must be on our Basic, Pro or paid versions.
4. Once you are ready, click the Publish button.  


5. Once your landing page is published you will be redirected to the Forms tab. Here you can change the status of your landing page. You can also see the number of visitors and conversions.


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