How to add a Pop Up to a Landing Page

1. After you've created a landing page, copy the URL from your list of landing pages. If you haven't created one yet, this article can guide you through the process.


2. Now that you have copied the page URL, click on the Leads tab.

3. Click on the name of an existing Pop Up to edit it, or start from scratch. This article can guide you through creating a Pop Up.

4. From the editor, click Next.

5. On the Pop Up Rules page, paste the URL of your landing page into the Domain box. Don't forget to set a trigger and frequency.


6. Then click Publish.

7. On the Success page, copy the embed code.


8. Click Exit and return to your list of landing pages.

9. Click to edit your landing page.

10. Scroll through the Content Blocks to find the HTML block.


11. Insert the HTML Content Block.

12. On the right side, double click to edit the HTML block.


13. Paste your embed code into the box and click Submit. Don't worry, the grey box will not appear on your published page.


14. From the editor, click Next. 

15. Publish your landing page. Now your landing page will have a Pop Up!


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