Email Reporting

For more insight into how your subscribers are interacting with your email, you can check out the reports. Every time you send an email, we'll provide stats and feedback about how your subscribers interacted with it.

To view your campaign statistics, head to the Messages page. Here you will see the total number of emails sent, opened, and bounced, as well as the number of links clicked and unsubscribed users. For more statistics, click View Report.


If your campaign consists of multiple messages, you will be redirected to the Report Overview page, which includes all of your sent emails or social posts. Here you will see each email’s click and open rate. If your email included social share buttons, you will also see the number of views on the right.


At the top right of the reports section, there are two options. View Email & Share or Download Reports.

View Email + Share: Here you will be able to view the email you sent. You will also have the following options:

  • Post on social: Create a Facebook or Twitter post with a link to your email.
  • View Social PostIf you've already created a social post, you will see the option to view the text of your social post. Read more here.
  • Hosted Version Link: View the URL of the hosted version of your email. You can add this to a social post or share it through other channels.
  • Download Email PDF: Download a PDF of your email.


Download Reports: Here you can download a report for your most recent campaigns or this specific one.

  • Historic Campaign Data: Click Download to view the overall stats (sent, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, spam, etc.) for your most recent sent emails and automated emails.
  • Specific Campaign Data: Here you can download a report containing the number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounced, and non-responders. The Customize Fields dropdown allows you to further customize the information provided in the report such as the recipients first name, last name, address, and more.


In the case where your campaign contains multiple emails, click on the message statistics you would like to view to be directed to the Overview page.


The Overview page contains an email statistics summary, which includes the number of opens, clicks, etc. For more information on user engagement, click View. Here you see who opened your email, which links were clicked, and more. You will also be able to download the information or create a new email list. Select Download List to download a CSV file containing the information displayed or you can create an email list in VerticalResponse by selecting Create a List.

Email Analytics

  • Sent: How many people may see your message.
  • Opens: How many people opened your email or clicked it on social media. If you want to see who opened the email.
  • Clicks: How many times each link in your email was clicked.
  • Bounces: The number of emails that did not make it to a recipient’s inbox.
  • Unsubscribes: The number of users who have decided to stop receiving messages.
  • Spam Complaints: How many spam complaints there were for this email.
  • Non-Responders: Users who did not open your email.

On the Overview page, you will see our Advanced Reporting features, which include device information, location, a heat map and more. To learn about these features, check out this article.


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