Download Campaign Report

After sending out an email campaign, you can download a report in a .csv file. Click on the name of the email you sent and you'll be directed to the reports page. Then look for the Download Reports button below your email name, subject line, and sent date.


You'll be redirected to a new page where you will have the option to download two different types of reports. The first is Historic Campaign Data which includes top level stats like open rate and bounce rate for your most recent emails and autoresponders.

The second is Specific Campaign Data which allows you to download each contact's response to your campaign. Just select the data you're interested in: Openers, Clickers, Unsubscribers, Bounces, or Non-Responders. If you select them multiple, the report can show multiple responses for a single contact. For example, if a contact opened the email and then clicked two links, the contact will be listed in three different rows.
If you wish to only see one row per contact, select the checkbox next to limit 1 response type per recipient. If you re-use the previous contact example with this box checked, only the most recent click will be listed in the report. This report is an easy way to download all bounces, all unsubscribes, or both for a single campaign.

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