Sending a Follow-Up Email

It’s important to stay in touch with your customers, and a follow-up email is an easy way to do that. Once you click send or schedule for an email, you’ll have the option to resend it automatically to the non-responders of your campaign; those who didn’t open or click a link. We’ll create the list for you and automatically send the email at the time you want it to go.

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We’ll first let you know that your email has successfully been sent or scheduled to send. Then you’ll have the option to send a Follow-Up Email.

1. Choose how long to wait to send the Follow-Up Email; we recommend waiting 3 days to give your readers a chance to open the first one, you can wait longer if you like. We won’t let you send it less than 3 days later to avoid having your customers feel like you’re spamming them. We’ll send it at the same time your first email was sent unless you customize the time

2. Enter a new subject line. It’s best to use a new subject line since the first one wasn’t successful with this group of people. You will need a new one, the system won't let you use the first subject line.

3. Schedule your email by clicking the button in the bottom right corner.


You’ll see a new status on the Messages page, Email + Follow-Up so you’ll know what emails already have an automatic follow up email scheduled.


When you View Reports, you’ll be able to see basic reporting for both emails. Click on the subject lines to drill down and get more details.


If you didn't schedule a follow-up email right after you sent or scheduled the original email, you still can! From the messages tab, click on the name of the original email. You will be taken to the reports page where you'll see a Get more opens! section. Click on the Resend Email button and go through the steps above to schedule your follow-up email.


For more info on why you should use a follow up email, check out this article.

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