How do I convert a Wizard email into a Canvas email?

If you have a Wizard email already created, but want more editing or customization options, you can use your existing draft to create a new Canvas email. To convert a Wizard email into a new Canvas email, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Preview step - Step 3 - of your Wizard email draft.
2) Send yourself a test email, and make sure you receive the HTML version of the test.
3) Open up the HTML test email, and then click on the Hosted Version link (i.e. "Click to view in a browser"). If you disabled the Hosted Version link in the Email Options, you'll need to edit your email and add it back.
4) Once you have your email open in a browser window, right-click anywhere on the email and select "view page source". This should open a new tab/window with a bunch of HTML code.
5) Copy all of the code, then go back into your VerticalResponse account and create a new email draft.
6) Make sure in step 2 to choose the Canvas editor, then hit next.
7) In the Design step of your Canvas email, click on the HTML tab above the toolbar and then paste your copied code over the existing code.
8) Click on the Graphical tab to view your email - it should look like the same email, except that the footer and Social Sharing icons ("Like", "Tweet", "InShare") appear as well. Highlight and delete the footer and the social icons at the top, otherwise you'll have duplicates. 

You're all set to work on your email in the Canvas editor!

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