Responsive Templates in Wizard

Responsive Templates in Classic
“Responsive” templates are templates designed to work with the smaller (and often “vertical” or “portrait”-oriented) screens of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  These templates include code that detects the width and height of the screen they are being displayed on and that reorient themselves accordingly.  Though a basic feature of VR2 since its launch, we have only recently been able to offer the same option on VR Classic.

  1. Use the Email Wizard to design a new responsive email. (Note: Wizard is the only editor that can access the responsive templates.  If a client wishes to use Canvas with a responsive template, politely inform them that the responsive code only functions within our Wizard editor.  IMPORTANT: the usual method for moving a Wizard email to Canvas DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY with responsive templates.)


2. Go to page 3 of the template categories.  


3. Select the Responsive category and choose the template you want to use (7 different categories: Borders, Business, Health & Wellness, Modern Mix, New Templates, Newsletters, Wine & Wine Retail).


4. Finish designing and sending your email as usual. Responsive templates are subject to all the usual limitations of working with Wizard; they will remain less flexible and less customizable that Canvas emails, but the added benefits will hopefully outweigh the drawbacks.
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