How are replies to sent emails processed?


When a recipient of your email message replies to your email (by hitting the reply button), that reply will be sent to our system and we then auto-forward it to your designated "Reply To Email Address". The subject line for the reply emails will appear as "Re: [original subject line] - Auto-forwarded from iBuilder".
By default, your "Reply To Email Address" is the email address you entered as your "Support Email" in your Account Profile. You can update this by first clicking "Account" on the main navigation bar and then clicking the "Profile" link. You may override this default and specify a campaign specific Reply-to-Email Address on the email "Launch" page.
Please note that any replies with words like "unsubscribe", "unsub" or "opt-out" in the subject line will automatically unsubscribe the recipient from your list. Additionally our system will filter out any automated replies ("out of office" emails for example) to your message.


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