Two ways to ensure that your entire email is rendered by default in the iPhone & iPad

There have been some recent issues with iPhone and iPad users unable to see full emails. The first thing to note is that this appears to be linked to the recipient's inbox configuration. Users with an IMAP configuration will likely see the entire email render, while POP users will get a truncated message and be asked to download the rest of the email content. Recent testing suggests this affects 10-15% of recipients on iOS.

The following tips will ensure that your email will render properly regardless of inbox setup.

1) Make sure that you have a minimum of 1,019 characters before your closing head tag (</head>) including spaces and carriage returns.
     If you don't have any need for more styles or a style block, try inserting several lines of empty spaces. (Yes, this seems strange, but it appears to be linked to a 1 kb buffering limitation with iOS.)

2) If your email is below 10k, you can try removing all carriage returns and double spaces. There are instances where the download button no longer showed up if the email was at or below 7k.

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