Why did I receive the text only version and not the html version of my Test email?


If you haven't already, please check your spam or junk mail inbox to see if the HTML test version went there. The word "Test" in the subject line will occasionally trigger spam filters. If not there, it's possible that the test email is either delayed or the receiving email server has blocked the HTML version of the test email.

When sending a test, you're launching two emails (the HTML and Text version) from our servers at the same time. The receiving email server may view this as a potential risk and may therefore accept only the safer, Text version of your test email. Similarly if you're sending multiple tests of the same email within a short period of time the receiving server may see this as a malicious action and block one or both versions of the test message.

We recommend adding the incoming email address from the test emails you have received to your address book or safe sender list. This should let your email client know it can accept the HTML version as well.


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