How do I insert a PDF document into an Email?

VerticalResponse doesn't allow for PDF attachments. We've found that adding attachments to mass emails can negatively impact your delivery rate, and so we recommend either converting the pdf to an image and including it in the body of your email, or hosting the document online and adding a link to it from your email.

If you convert a PDF file into a .jpg or .gif file you can insert it into your email as you would any other image. All images should meet the following specifications so they display properly.
  1.     File format needs to be either .jpg or .gif
  2.     Resolution of 72 dpi
  3.     RGB color format, not CMYK
  4.     No more than 600 pixels wide
  5.     No spaces or symbols in the image file name
  6.     No duplicate image names
If the PDF is only a page long, we recommend the image option. If it's 2 pages or more, you're much better off hosting the document and then linking to it.
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