How do I suppress contacts?

Suppressed contacts are email addresses that you wish to exclude from future emails you send to an individual list. You can unsuppress contacts at any time.

Suppress Contacts

First, go to the list you wish to suppress contacts for. Click More Actions and select Suppress List.


A screen opens titled Suppress this list. You will need a file containing the email address you would like to suppress. We accept the following file formats: CSV and TXT.

rtaImage__6_.pngUse the Choose File button to find the file from your computer. Once selected, click Suppress. Once completed, these addresses will appear under the list's Suppressed tab


Unsuppress Contacts

If you wish to unsuppress contacts, go to the list's Suppressed tab. Select the checkboxes next to the appropriate email addresses. Then click the green Unsuppress button at the bottom. You will be asked to confirm you want to unsuppress the contacts. Click Unsuppress and the contacts will be updated.rtaImage__7_.pngrtaImage__8_.png

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