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The Messages Tab is where the action takes place in your account, all in one easy-to-get-to place. Think of it as your marketing command center. You can create a new email or social post, plus access other account features such as your Contacts, account info or even change your mailing plan.


To create a new email, just click on Create Email Campaign button in the top left and we'll walk you through setting up your email.

Looking to set up an Autoresponder email? Just click the Create Email Automation button and we'll get you going.

If a social post is what you're after, click the Create Social Post button. An overlay will pop-up and you can share your info to your social networks.

If you want to edit an existing draft, simply click on the Message name. If you have scheduled an email and want to make changes before it goes out, click the checkbox next to the Message name and then select Edit.

To Rename a Message, select the checkbox next to the message and a Rename button will appear. Click Rename and a popup will prompt you to make changes.

To make a copy of any message you've already created, whether it's been sent or in draft form, just click the box next to the name, then select the Copy button in the upper right hand corner. We'll make a copy for you that you can edit. It's name will be "Copy of" plus the original email name, but you can change it if you like


Looking for just one type of message or status? Couldn't be easier, click the funnel icon and select what you need to see from the menu drop down. To change back, click the funnel icon again and then select All from the menu. You can also just click on the column header to sort the emails and posts alphabetically by name, type, status, or by date.

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But that's not all you can do here! Once your email or social post is live, you can check out all the stats. Click on the name of the Sent email or post and you'll see all the great info like Opens, Clicks, Likes or Shares.

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