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You have the option to customize your unsubscribe and/or mailing list preferences message in the Footer of your email. This is great when you want to translate the unsubscribe message into another language. Note, the language of your email content must match the language of your footer/unsubscribe.

To change the footer message in your email using Template Editor:
1. Click on the name of the draft email

2. Scroll down to the bottom, hover over the footer, and Click to edit


3. A toolbar will open on the left 


4. Update the fields

5. If you wish to change "Click to", "or", or "from this list." click into the blue boxes and edit the text 


To change the footer message in your email using HTML Editor:
1. Click on a draft email to edit the footer
2. Click on the Footer tab


3. Below Unsubscribe Message, click in the text box


4. Edit the text to your wishes. Be sure to include the merge fields for an unsubscribe link or a link to manage subscription. We have it in that text box already, but if you accidentally delete it we'll remind you. The merge fields you need are {UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK} or {EMAIL_PREFERENCES}  and that will add a link for your readers to click. We'll do the rest, either unsubscribe them or give them the list options.

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