Adding a Background to Your Email Template

Some of our email templates have coordinating colors added to highlight info you've added to your email. But you also have the option to add your own color to the templates.

To get started, you'll need to select a template that you like. Then you'll see the options where you can change the colors by using one, or more, of the following choices:

Content Block Background Color
Content Block Border
Email Border
Email Backdrop

AnchorContent Block Background Color
To help bring attention to a specific Content Block, or to add more interest to your email, you can add a background color to the content blocks. Mouse over the block and click the Row button off to the right of the block.


 A menu will open on the left with two tabs: Style and Background. Click on the Background tab and you'll have the option to toggle between Color and Image. Color will turn the content block row the color selected. There are 9 basic colors of you can click on the color picker mouse to find your own or type in RBG hex.
s67.png s65.png

Image tab will let you change the entire content block row into an image. Click Replace, then select if you want to upload an image, select an image/graphic/pattern from our gallery, or select a saved image. Then upload the image.


If you want to edit the image (crop, resize, etc) click the Edit button. If you want to remove the image, click Remove. A row image always takes precedence over a row color.


AnchorContent Block Border
You can add a border to each content block. First, hover over the block you wish to change and Click to edit.


A toolbar will open on the left. Notice the first section called Border. You can change the border type (solid, dashed, or dotted), change the border color, and adjust border thickness.



AnchorEmail Border
You can also add a border to your entire email. To do this, click on the Page Style tab. There you will see two tabs: Theme and Backdrop. On the Theme tab, scroll down to the Border section. You can adjust the border color, thickness, and radius. Border radius is how much the corners of the email curve. In the example below, the email has a pretty large border radius. Move the slider to adjust the corners.



AnchorEmail Backdrop
You can add a backdrop behind your email that is a color, image, or pattern. To do so, select the Page Style tab. Then click on the Backdrop tab. If you want the backdrop to be a color, select the Color button and pick a color. You can also use the color picker as explained earlier in this article. If you want the backdrop to be an image, select Image. Here you can Replace the image with an image, pattern, or graphic. You can also make changes to a backdrop image by clicking Edit. If you wish to remove the backdrop image at any time, just click Remove.

It's important to note that the backdrop image could be blocked in some email programs, not all of them show backdrop images. If this happens, the default will be white.




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