Organize Emails and Social Posts into Folders

On the Emails & Social Posts page, you can easily manage and organize messages with folders. Folders combine metrics for all messages and posts in the folder. Whether you've already shared your campaign, or are still working on a draft, you can move it in and out of the folders you've created.


Create Folders

To create a folder, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the Messages tab.
2. Click view folders.
3. Click Create new folder.


4. Name your folder, and press Submit.


Move Message and Social Posts into Folders

To move campaigns into the folders you created, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the Messages tab.
2. Check the box next to each campaign you want to add to a folder.
3. Click Move and select the name of the folder(s) you want to add the campaigns to.
4. Then click Submit.


When you move an item into a folder, it will still appear in the full list on your Emails & Social Posts page. Items can be saved in multiple folders at once. If you delete a campaign, it will be removed from both the folder and the account.

Folder Stats

The combined stats for all emails and social posts within a folder are displayed.


You can filter the stats for all campaigns, only emails, or only social by clicking either Filter stats by email or social. If neither is selected, you will see all stats.


Folders cannot be edited or deleted at this time. However, you can add, move, and remove campaigns from folders.

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