List Segmentation

Segmenting your list simply means dividing it into sub groups such as people who opened, people who didn’t open, people who clicked, etc.  

To create a list of segmented contacts:
Click Contacts and then Segmentation


Now you can choose the parameters for your segment.

Step 1: Choose a list to segment 


Step 2: Choose if the contacts must match ANY or ALL of the conditions you specify.


Step 3: Select to segment by including or excluding contacts that you can specify from a wide variety of conditions in the drop down list.  For example, you could include people who opened any of your email messages within the last 3 months but exclude those people who were sent a specific email campaign.  You also have an option to create a custom field.


Step 4: Save your segment to a new list or save to an existing list. You can also save this search query to use it at a different time. 


Step 5: When ready, click Create.

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