Why didn't one of my email addresses upload?

During the list upload process our system will pull out any addresses that we know are bad or could cause delivery issues. You'll see on the right side a list of different types of addresses that we pull out and we break it down like this:

  • Invalid Email Addresses - the email address isn't mailable for some reason, usually a typo like there's an @ missing or there's no .com at the end. You can fix these addresses and then upload or manually add them to your list.
  • Unsubscribed addresses - this is an address that has requested not to get any emails from your company, they've previously unsubscribed from one of the emails you've sent to them.
  • Bounced Addresses - these are addresses that are set up correctly but for some reason aren't accepting emails, usually because they are old no longer valid.
  • Non-mailable Addresses - these are addresses that are known to cause problems with delivery so we'll clean your list so you don't run into any problems.

A role based email address is one that usually has a generic prefix and can go to many people in a company at once. These would be addresses like info@, sales@, admin@, etc.

These types of email addresses have historically caused delivery problems with high bounces, the chance for abuse or even sending unwanted to emails to some people on the list.  We do our best to maintain high delivery rates so your recipients can receive your emails. Because of this, we automatically remove these email addresses during the list upload process to keep your bounce rates low and your open rates high.

You can see when these addresses get pulled out during upload by looking under the Not Imported side where it says Nonmailable Address.



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